Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another concept

I just like updating this after I design something new. You can take guesses about what everything will be for.

NB: This is an image of what the game will look like using the resources I've designed so far. It's not an actual screenshot. Yes there will be a background.

I don't have enough time or motivation to program collision detection after a day at university. But I don't mind designing or animating since it's less effort. The weekend should allow me to get to work on it properly.


  1. Wow, dinotronics dude thing has come on nicely. I can't believe I've forgotten the name in less than five hours

  2. Rextangle? Yeah, he looks nice and has the unintended property of making Rextangle Head make no sense. Not that he ever made sense.

  3. Also I love how my enemy design runs directly contrary to my "serious" plot (/sarcasm). Well, wait actually I do kind of like that.