Sunday, July 29, 2012

Concept of opening level platforms

Yep, an idea of what the platforms should be like in the first level and perhaps the first world. How specific is that? I'm surprised by how well this scales! I need to set up the game at double size sometime.

This is my idea so far. It'll be a world of levels that focus on jumping probably. I'm scared of how many platforms I may have to make. Maybe I'll cheat a bit.

Today I programmed in the morning and worked on graphics in the afternoon (with loads of breaks because weekend). I could totally turn that into a habit. Making graphics is really relaxing after all that thinking.
  • Set the camera bounds when loading the level... (Have I done this?) Now I have :)
  • Start work on collision detection before doing anything fancy 
  • Remeber to code it in such a way that the character can change size at any time
  • Find a way to define all solid objects as polygons now i just need some convenient way to load them
  • Figure out how to detect collisions between these polygons and the player and move the player out of them apropriately
  • Decide on how to determine when the character is on the ground
  • Jumping
  • Flipping the polygon of the character
  • Entering polygons via CSV (probably)
  • Work out an animation class
  • Improve the camera
  • Set up an option for 2x size graphics

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