Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A wild header appears

So today I tried for like an hour to draw girl hair for Lera since I feel her design is missing something but I kind of suck and everything I make looks worse than how it is now. So I got bored of doing that and made a header for the blog. It's also basically what the title screen of the game will look like.

I'm hoping I can recreate this scene at some point in the game. Maybe Centure will be heading off into danger and ignoring Nybble's requests to turn back so he shouts out to him: "CENTURE!". This reminds me of the work I'm going to have to do to set up all the in-game text. I've never even done anything like that before so I'm going to have to figure it out from scratch. Shouldn't be too terrible though.

The idea is that the dialogue won't freeze you in place so you can just ignore it and keep on playing, hence the see-through text-boxes. It also means you can jump around like a lunatic while reading it if you care to do so. None of this text will be anything tutorial-related though. I'll leave it to the player to figure things out.

Tomorrow I have a crazy short university day so I'll probably get to work on the game. And by work I mean write some more code to fix some stuff from the previous post. Probably.

EDIT: Just for reference here's my old to-do list:

  • Make sure collisions work in a way that the character can change size at any time
  • Decide on how to determine when the character is on the ground
  • Fix up that gravity (90% done)
  • Jumping
  • Clean up the movement class
  • Entering polygons via CSV (probably)
  • Work out an animation class
  • Improve the camera
  • Set up an option for 2x size graphics

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