Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The plan behind the plan:

I'm writing this for myself as much as anyone else. It's a plan of action. I've been using an interesting (read wrong - at least I think) method of collision detection. I made it up myself. It works but it's pretty slow and causes loads of problems and it hurts my brain fixing them and my fingers typing them and my eyes looking at my ugly code. So. The new plan is another method of collision detection that may or may not work. I've made a copy of my game if all goes awry so I can go back to what I have now.

So what are we doing eh, CentureMan?

Short version: Better, faster collision detection.

Long version: Welllll, I'm going to use the amount of overlap in collisions in addition to the speed the character was going, both vertically and horizontally just before the collision to decide where I will put him so he doesn't get himself stuck inside walls. That was my original problem: I can work out if he's in a wall now how do I decide where to put him to get him out? Where did he come from exactly? I think I can figure that out now.

The other thing I want to do is use this per pixel stuff in conjunction with this new method. I've never done that before so it should be interesting. I think I'll start off by making a little program that does that just to test it out and learn the ropes.

So how long will this take?

Probably a few weeks, but in theory it'll be faster than my old method. We'll see how things go.

I want a picture

This is what the game is about.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I see more collision detection

Check out this link:

Per pixel collision detection - very cool. My game doesn't have this yet but it's a priority now. It looks simple enough to add too. At the moment I have a block around my character that I'm using to detect collisions. The problem with this is that he's wider than his feet, so he can hover over the edge of platforms, standing on nothing because the square around him isn't over the edge yet.

What per pixel collision detection does, is check every pixel in the image and see if it's colliding with the pixels on another image. It's on my to-do list. Now to do some real work :/

Thanks to Evan for linking me to this.

This is his true power. Or a glitch. Nice lack of background.

Let's get cracking

What is Centure?

Centure is a game I'm working on in my free time. It's a 2D platformer (much like mario bros.) revolving around the idea of switching between two versions of the same character on the fly. You'll see more in due course.

Who are you?

I'm that guy that made Centure.

Why that name?

I just made it up to have something to call this blog and I'm sticking with it. Seriously.

How far are you now?

Right now? I've been working for a few weeks now and I'm gradually getting the character movement down (together with collision detection). I've never made a game before and this is a spare time project so excuse the slowness of my work. Rest assured there's loads of effort going into making movement perfect so the rest of the game isn't hampered by it. I want it to be fun just to move the character around.

Are you going to give up on it?


What's this blog for?

It's just a place where I can update anyone who cares about how development is going.

Can I help?/ Do you need help?

Nope! Sorry, but I'm really interested in seeing how far I can take this on my own. It's sort of a challenge for myself. I'll be doing everything myself except testing. You can help with that when the time comes, I guess.

If you have any other questions, just chuck 'em in the comments. I'm sure there'll be millions seeing as this is such a high profile game and all.

A rough draft of a punching animation