Friday, April 13, 2012

The Story

So today I took it easy on the coding and wrote a basic outline of the story. It's surprisingly sci-fi! I'm not even a huge fan of science fiction but there you go. I added a synopsis to the right of the blog there. I'm sorry if it's hard to follow. I want to tell you what's going on but also... don't want to tell you what's going on. If you know what I mean.

Here's a description of the major players (so I don't forget haha). I'll add the character art as I design it:

Centure: Created by Lera, he's the newest Biological Creature and our protagonist. He doesn't say much but he knows more than you think.

These are Centure's 2 forms

Lera: The creator of Biological Creatures. She's wanted after avoiding the police following a terrible accident that occurred during the creation of the Biological Creature she attempted to make just before Centure. Several people were killed in this accident - serious stuff!

Lera - early version - I might change her completely

The Corha World Government: They funded and powered the Biological Creatures operation but are now trying to wash their hands of it. And that means destroying every Creature Lera has ever made.

I will never ever animate this - well maybe one day

Biological Creatures: Creatures created by Lera as requested by the Corha World Government. Lera wishes to save them and does not believe they deserve to be destroyed. They are slowly losing power as their power source has been removed by the Corha World Government. Centure, the newest, suffers the least from power-loss issues.

Lera and Centure

Nybble: Lera's computer. A lighthearted A.I. who communicates with Centure by writing on the world around him using a new technology developed by Lera. In contrast to Centure, Nybble never shuts up stops talking.

EDIT: I've since changed this idea. Though writing on the world sounds cool, I feel like it'll be basically impossible to read while moving which breaks the flow of the game. I have another idea though :)

Hopefully, armed with this information, you can more easily understand the synopsis.


  1. Nice drawings :) Especially Lera!
    Personally, im not a big fan of Story Lines. Like that one beer ad guy likes to say: "Keep it real!" :)

  2. Thanks :) Yeah I get that. I'm going to try not to let the story get in the way of the actual game.

    Maybe I'll make hints instead of directly saying what happened. Make it a bit more mysterious

  3. I think the story is fine, but don't force it on the player too much. Keep it succinct and simple-ish. If you want to expand on the concepts and add background information, there's always the tried-and-tested way of adding log files or scrapbooks something like that for the player to collect and read; many games do this (like Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, etc). If it gets too long-winded too quickly, players might not take it seriously because it's trying too hard.

    Oh and cutscenes with text boxes are essential. :P

  4. I'm not going to make up pages of lore or anything (mostly because I'm likely to forget what I've written and make inconsistencies). I'll try for some subtlety with the story. I wish I could work on it now but I have all these tests to study for. :(

  5. Haha write whole books and put them in, Elder Scrolls style :P

    BTW that "Corha World Government" logo would look great if the gears were animated to slowly turn :D

  6. Haha damn you! I'll rotate the gear 90 degrees and animate it in four frames :p That's the best you'll get from me! Seriously though I think that'd look amazing but it'll take loads of redrawing.

    I'll send you the story and you can write some lore haha.