Monday, April 2, 2012

Minigame: Evil Eye

This was designed in my car

So I made a little "game" I've decided to call Evil Eye to play around with per-pixel collision detection. Actually it's more of a toy than a game. I did half the coding while in the car! I'm on holiday now and may not be able to work on the game much in the next few days. But I'll get back to it ASAP. As for what I've been doing until now... getting my driver's license. Not even joking.

So Evil Eye is a test. I'll put it up for download for you guys to mess around with. There's no goal to it and if you can't get it to work you're not missing much. Trust me. I'll put it up on mediafire and hope for the best:

Evil Eye - A per-pixel collision test program. Let me know if the download works.

Next up is to implement this in the actual game, after that I have to complete character movement for the big version of the character and then I can start enemy and level design!

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