Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moving Slowly Onwards

Things are gradually moving along. I've added a box around my character to cut down all the collision checking the game has to do. So now if something's in the box it can worry about a collision in the next frame, if not it can just idle along. Yep I'm saving processing power on a 2D platformer.

I uploaded a video where you can see what the box actually looks like and a nice glitch I've run into. I figured I'd be able to see why it happens in SLOOOW MOOOOOTIOOOON but no luck there.

The box wont actually be visible in the game I just made it like that so I know it's working as intended. Good. Great. Now to fix those bugs.


  1. Just out of interest... Why isn't the size of the box constant?

  2. Ah, right. I made it resize based on how fast he's moving and in what direction to minimize the amount of collision checking. I don't think it's really necessary now that I can see how small the difference in size is but whatever. STOP JUDGING ME!! lol

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