Friday, April 13, 2012



Hey dudes! It's been a while. I've made quite a bit of progress since my last post. I worked on my new collision detection system (mentioned in the "plan" post) and managed to get it about 80% working. Enough to make it playable which is good enough for today since I'm tired of working on it. I also did my first background. It was a pretty hasty job but it looks pretty awesome! I can always go back to it and make it look even better later. It really adds to the atmosphere of this first level.

Click for a mini version of the background art

The first level's aim is to teach the player the game mechanics as seamlessly as possible. See the "z" in the first picture? It's a puzzle of sorts since it's up to the player to notice it and press the corresponding key on the keyboard to see what it does or they'll be stuck falling into that pit forever. I'm certainly not going to tell you the controls!

Next up is to complete the design for this first level (I'm about 50% done), work out the bugs in my collision detection system and finally finish the animations for the big character.


  1. Wow, i'm impressed. This game looks really cool! I especially like background you made, looks really good.
    Can't wait to play it :)

  2. @Michael thanks a lot! :)
    @Frozen haha not yet :P