Friday, September 28, 2012

Animation - It continues

Hey dudes. I made some more frames of animation for Centure. Found a really great program for it: Graphics Gale. It's a little unwieldy at first but it's worth learning because it has some really useful features. I love my but I'll be using this from now on for animation at least.

Here's some punching animations I made. If you want you can use 'em to play around with animation. Make a .gif, do whatever. I'll probably share a bunch of these by the time the game is done. Whenever that is. I need to edit these a tiny bit.

I'm planning to make a little game in the console (command line window for the uninitiated). But it involves doing all the crap XNA was doing for me. I'll put it up here if I manage to get it running. It really shouldn't be hard to make after I get everything set up. But this is programming so it could be terrible :P.


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